The Music Shop RI Serving Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut
Lighting & Decor

The Music Shop also specializes in lighting and decor. We understand the impact lighting has on the atmosphere of a venue and how it transforms the mood of your guests and the success of your party. From the soft subtle effects of up lighting to the explosive energy created when beams of light permeate through out the room, we can transform the look and feel of any event. The possibilities are endless and the results are phenomenal.

LED Uplighting

Our company features wired and wireless LED uplighting with color change capability on the fly. Why use LED lighting? LED lighting uses 5x less power than the older style par cans, does not heat up like par cans making them much safer and is virtually much more user friendly than par cans.

Wireless Undertable lighting

Our undertable lighting units run upwards to 8 hours. They have color change capability and create a glowing of each table they are placed under. They are a very subtle but a phenomenal effect.

Monograms (sometimes referred to as custom gobos)

They look great on a wall or dance floor, and you can design them to look however you want. A gobo is a small, round piece of metal or glass that has your design carved into it. The gobo is placed inside a projector, which shines onto a wall, floor, or other surface. Pricing varies based on the complexity of your design and whether your gobo is made of metal or glass.

Chinese Lanterns

This type of lighting creates a very unique ambience through out the room. Our lanterns are 18 inch, white in color, and can we can make the lamps any color you choose.

Dance Floor Lighting

Dancing under the stars effect - adds an amazing red and green laser star field to a deep blue, high power LED aura effect
Moving Heads - high power moving yoke equipped with a powerful white LED. It offers explosive lighting designs and permeates through out the whole room.
LED Truss Mounted Track lighting - programmed to the beat of the music with color change capability

Drapery and Decor

Pipe and drape is available in 8 foot sections in various colors.